Understanding Auto Part Numbers

Things You Should Consider When Buying Replacement Brake Parts For Your Car

by Gwendolyn Anderson

Maintaining the brakes in your car or truck is essential, and for the DIYer, it can be an excellent weekend project. There are some things to consider when buying brake parts for your vehicle, but if you choose wisely, your brake repair will go smoothly and keep your brakes functioning perfectly.

Make And Model

One of the most crucial things to consider when buying replacement brake parts is the year, make, and model of the vehicle you are working on. Many vehicles share some auto parts, but the best way to ensure you can complete the work without a problem is to purchase the correct replacement parts.

The local auto parts store can help you determine the right brake parts for your vehicle and help you select what you need to do the job. Most stores will have several brands and quality levels to choose from, so take some time to consider the best products for your needs. 

Brake Systems

When purchasing brake parts for your vehicle, you must know if you have disc brakes, drums brakes, or a combination. It is easy to determine which you need to buy by looking under the vehicle to see if it uses rotors and calipers or drums. 

If you are unsure, the parts counter associate can often help you determine which you have with a quick visual inspection of the vehicle. The brake parts listed for the car can also provide cues. For instance, if the only brake parts listed are for disc brakes, it is possible that the manufacturer only installed discs on that make and model.

Price And Warranty

When selecting brake parts for your vehicle, look carefully at the included warranty. Many parts stores have brake pads and shoes available that have a warranty against wear and damage that are reasonably priced and allow you to replace them at a lower cost when necessary. 

Often these brake parts are more expensive, but the cost saving over time can be substantial. In most cases, there are price tiers that follow the quality of the brake parts. 

You can buy inexpensive organic brake pads, but they often will not last as long as a higher-priced semi-metallic pad set. Less expensive brake pads may not perform as well in stop-and-go traffic or situations like towing when using the brake more aggressively. 

Some stores sell high-performance replacement brake parts for special applications, but often these are not necessary for standard vehicles. If you have a car with performance upgrades and added horsepower, you may want to consider performance brake parts. However, discuss the options with the parts retailer so you can determine if there is a benefit to these parts for your vehicle. 

For more info about brake parts, contact a local company.