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3 Useful Tips When Using Nitrous Oxide In Your Car

by Gwendolyn Anderson

Nitrous oxide is an amazing resource you can utilize to give your vehicle a boost in speed. In order for it to work at an optimal rate, though, you need to take the following precautions. They'll make it extremely easy to run your vehicle off Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS). 

Check Bottle Pressure

In order to get consistent results from your nitrous oxide, the pressure inside the bottle needs to be at the recommended levels. You can check your bottle's readings by inspecting the pressure gauge on the side.

Compare these readings with the ideal pressure range for your particular nitrous oxide, which you can find out by consulting with the manufacturer that you got your NOS from. If the readings are too low, you'll need to heat your bottle up. Conversely, if the pressure readings are too high, you'll need to cool your tank off. Only then will your tank deliver ample nitrous oxide and give you the performance boost you've been looking for.

Decide Between a Wet vs. Dry System

In terms of NOS, you can select either a wet or dry system. Both have their own advantages, depending on what you're looking for. Wet systems work by mixing both nitrous oxide and fuel. They are extremely easy to tune since you can set them up with virtually any type of fuel delivery system.

Dry systems work a bit differently in that they only send nitrous oxide into the intake. They are compatible with stock fuel delivery systems, and in order for them to work effectively, your vehicle needs to have good fuel injectors. Otherwise, your system will fail if it experiences too much pressure.

Utilize Nitrous Refill Services 

After you run out of nitrous oxide, you'll need to add more to your tank. Although you may be more than capable of refilling your system, you can save time and stress by using nitrous refill services. They will fill up your system quickly and safely, and you can just relax learning more about optimizing your system from trained professionals. 

In addition to refilling your tank to the right levels, other integral parts of your NOS system will be checked. If there are any red flags, you'll know about them immediately and be able to avoid complex and potentially dangerous complications in the future.

If you're thinking about boosting your vehicle via NOS, you need to follow a strict protocol. Then, your system will work at an optimal level and be safe to use long-term. 

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