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Signs You Should Walk Away From A Car Deal

by Gwendolyn Anderson

If you go to see a used car someone has for sale there are some things that should be an indication you may want to walk away from the deal. This article will inform you of a few of the red flags you should be on the lookout for.

The seller wants to have control of the test drive

The seller may want to come with you during the test drive, but they should be fine with you driving it where you want such as on side streets and on the freeway, so you can test it under different conditions and at different speeds. They should also be fine with you trying out things like the radio, the cruise control, etc. If you have a seller who either wants to drive it themselves or demands you drive the car exactly how they want, then this should be taken as a red flag that they are probably hiding something about the car that they know is wrong with it.

There is a smell in the trunk

If you open the trunk and find it smells like mildew then it can be a big indication that the car may have suffered flood damage at some point. Most times an insurance carrier will consider a flooded car as a total loss since it can damage so many of the car's systems. Not only can you end up dealing with things like electrical problems, but it's also bad for your health to be driving around in a car with possible mold issues.

The car has mismatched paint

If you notice that the car you are checking out has paint that is slightly different in color or in age, then you want to ask the seller about it. If they have a good explanation and proof that there wasn't significant damage that may have affected the frame, then you can feel more at ease. If they aren't up front with you or can't prove to you that there wasn't major damage, then you may want to move on.

The seller doesn't want your mechanic to look at the car

Any seller who is selling a sound car should be fine with a mechanic peaking their head under the hood of the car and checking out the exhaust package. In fact, they may even like the idea because it will only help strengthen their chances of getting closer to the price that they are asking.