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Is Your Kid's Car Collecting Rust In The Driveway? 3 Ways To Motivate Them To Sell It For Cash

by Gwendolyn Anderson

That old car was once your kid's crowning achievement, and you remember the day they proudly climbed into the driver's seat. In fact, that clunker might have even been your old family car that you used to teach them how to drive before you passed it down. Now, it just sits there getting rustier by the minute, and you know that it is just a matter of time before it starts costing you money in code violations and fines. Whether your kid is stalling on selling it because they are nostalgic or just too busy, use these tips to get them motivated to clear it off your lot.

Tap Into Their Conscience

The great thing about young adults today is that they care deeply about other people and the environment. Try explaining to your kid that older cars are no longer in compliance with current safety standards, and companies that buy junk car titles are doing a good service by keeping them off the road. For example, that old car may not have safety features such as trunk pulls and car seat safety latches that are in proper working condition. Selling it now prevents someone from trying to repair it when it really should no longer be driven.

Hit Them In Their Pocketbook

It's possible that your kid simply doesn't understand that their car has any value. This is especially likely if it no longer runs or has major body damage that detracts from its former beauty. Find out how much money for junk cars companies are paying in your area for their specific make and model of vehicle. Then, explain how much they could be paying you back for fines if you get into trouble with the city or your local home owner's association. This way, they can have a stronger idea of how much the costs of keeping the car outweighs the benefits of doing the right thing.

Offer to Do The Leg Work

It might just be that your kid is busy. After all, school, work, dating and online gaming take a lot of time and energy. When that car is really bothering you, ask them to let you handle the arrangements by finding out where you can get them the most cash for junk cars. Then, have your kid get their title ready and give you the keys so that you can finally get the car out of your driveway.

There is no telling why your kid refuses to get rid of a rusty old heap of metal, but you have to admire their ability to ignore an issue that is taking up so much space. Fortunately, these strategies will get to the heart of the matter and even earn your kid a little cash to spend on their new favorite vehicle. For more information, contact companies like U Pull & Pay.