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VW Transporter Van Restorations and Upkeep Tasks to Remember

by Gwendolyn Anderson

If you have an old VW transporter, restoring it can be a good investment. This may be an ongoing project that also involves a lot of work. After you complete the restorations, the old vehicle is also going to need continued upkeep. The following information will help with your transporter van restoration and maintenance:

Engine and Transmission Restoration

The engine and transmission are some of the most important repairs that need to be done for restorations. There may be different parts you need for these repairs when restoring your van, including:

  • New seals and gaskets
  • Engine and transmission pans
  • Rebuild kits for engines and transmissions

The engine and transmission can need various repairs, or you may want to get rebuild kits from a parts service.

Renovating the Van Interior

The great thing about these classic vans is the options for interior renovations. Rather than just doing a stock interior, you may want to do a custom design. Some of the options to consider for the renovations of your van's interior include:

  • Comfortable seat upgrades
  • Storage solutions for traveling
  • Fold-down rear bed seats
  • Custom electrical controls

The options for custom finishes for your van interior will require some repairs before the renovations can be completed.

Restoring Vehicle Electrical Systems

The electrical systems of your van will eventually need to be restored. When doing auto electrical restorations, there are also options for improvements and upgrades. Some of the options to consider to update the wiring in your van include:

  • Replacing a bad wiring harness (the main wiring of your car)
  • Installing a new computer control module
  • Upgrading lights with LED parts
  • Installing modern radio and navigation equipment

The electrical wiring in your van may only need minor repairs, but you can still do upgrades like installing LED lights.

Extra Parts for the Routine Maintenance and Repairs

You are also going to need the extra parts for repairs and maintenance. Therefore, you are going to need to have a few spare parts for occasional repairs. Some of the spare parts that you may want to have on hand include:

  • Starter and alternator
  • Filters and fluids
  • Belts and hoses
  • Plugs and wires

Spare parts you have on hand will make it easier to complete repairs when doing routine maintenance.

Restoring a transporter van can be a fun project, but you are going to need the right parts for the job. Visit an online VW Transporter parts supplier to get everything your need for your project.