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Why SHOULDN'T You Trade In That Old Clunker?

by Gwendolyn Anderson

When you're getting rid of a newer car, there's usually only one decision to make: private sale or dealership trade-in? With older vehicles or vehicles that don't run, it may also be profitable to sell your old junk car to a scrapyard. If you find yourself in this particular situation, then these four advantages may convince you that a junkyard is a better option than a dealership trade-in.

1. Greater Flexibility

Trading your car in to a dealership means locking yourself into a deal with that particular seller. Although you may still have some room to negotiate, many dealers will only offer high trade-in values with specific terms and stipulations attached.  A better upfront trade-in price often means being forced into loan or leasing terms that you may not like.

Selling your car to a junkyard puts cash in your pocket, which leaves you with greater flexibility. You can use that money for a down payment or purchase without finding yourself beholden to the whims of a dealership sales team.

2. Easier Removal

Trading in an old, non-running car comes with a surprising set of challenges. For vehicles that are not safe to drive, you'll need to pay a tow fee to have a dealership evaluate it. If you aren't happy with their offer, then you're on the hook for another tow to bring the car back home. Most scrap yards offer free pickup when they purchase a car, neatly sidestepping these issues.

The ease of having a junkyard pick your car up can also be beneficial for vehicles that are stuck in less-than-ideal conditions. Many scrap yards have experience towing vehicles on blocks or with collapsed suspensions. Although you should always be clear about your situation before scheduling a tow, many yards will do their best to work with you to find a solution.

3. Less Hassle

Perhaps the most significant advantage of working with a junkyard is the ease of the transaction. Private sales can take weeks, months, or even longer, and many buyers may be looking to score an old junker for a song. Meanwhile, negotiating with a dealership over the price of an old car can be an arduous and time-consuming process.

Scrap yards will typically offer a price upfront with minimal haggling and hassle. In most cases, you will agree on a price over the phone, and you can expect the tow driver to honor that price so long as your description of the vehicle was accurate. Completing your entire sale in a few days can be a breath of fresh air when you simply want an old junk car off of your property.

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